Different Types of Business Licenses that can be Secured in UAE

There are several types of business licenses in the UAE. They include commercial, industrial, offshore, and branch/representative offices. You should know the difference between each type and how to apply for it. Here’s a brief explanation of each. To learn more about these different types, continue reading. You can acquire a 100% ownership stake in your business after acquiring a commercial license. If you are considering investing in UAE, be sure you know the Dubai trade license cost.

Commercial license:

A commercial license is required by businesses that deal with the purchase and sale of goods within or outside the UAE. A general trading license is also required if you plan on carrying out local trading activities. In the UAE, various types of business licenses and lists need to be complied with. When setting up a new business, it is imperative to pick a specific business license. If you have no experience in company formation and registration, a professional can assist you in completing the process.

Industrial license:

An industrial license is a legal requirement for businesses that produce or process raw materials, natural resources, or semi-processed goods. The type of change that is considered industrial will be based on the structure, composition, appearance, and usability of the goods after the processing. A company not located in the UAE cannot apply for an industrial license. If the company is based in the UAE, it must have a physical presence in the country.

Offshore business license:

Whether you are looking to open an offshore business in UAE or want to register a new company in the UAE, the process is relatively simple. First of all, you need to get a business license. There are many types of business licenses, and the process is based on a particular type of business. If you are looking for a license, you must know exactly what you are doing. An offshore business license is the most important document you can get, and it should be obtained as quickly and easily as possible.

Branch/representative office:

Before opening a branch or representative office in the UAE, you must obtain a business license from the relevant licensing authority. The fee required by each department differs from one Emirates to another. Additionally, you may need the approval of other ministries, such as the Ministry of Economy. This article will cover acquiring a branch/representative office license in the UAE. This article also covers some of the most important steps to opening an office in the UAE.