Maintain Existing Content (SEO)

Just because your pages ranked well on Google a few years ago doesn’t mean they’ll rank well forever. It’s never a bad idea to do a light internal audit of your site and make sure everything is working correctly and showing up the way it should. Broken links, outdated information, and not updating content for modern algorithms can absolutely murder your page’s search rank over a few months or years. Running through and making sure that you’re not falling into any of these traps should be a regular practice every several months. You’ll be surprised how much better an old page can do when you apply everything you’ve learned to the content and spruce up the optimization with modern techniques.


In addition to updating your pages for the modern algorithm, be sure to examine your site’s internal link network and make sure you’re not missing out on crucial links. A ridiculous number of modern sites have incredible, up-to-date resources that simply aren’t connected to their old pages, as the resource wasn’t available when the old content was being created. Going through your site and networking your best pages to some of your old content is a great way of helping users get the information they want. It’ll boost your search rankings a surprising amount, too, as it lets the Google algorithm know that your pages belong together.


Automate Content


Machine learning is advancing fast. It’s not quite good enough at generating useful content for you to spin up an entire site from scratch, but you shouldn’t ignore the things that AI is good at doing when you’re putting together content for your website. Ai is incredible at researching keywords, identifying niches, segmenting keywords into pieces to be written, and even generating the outline for articles that will help boost your site’s page rank. As mentioned above, Google places a lot of value in genuinely useful content that keeps visitors on your site, so be sure to use human expertise to edit the outlines and then create the actual articles. When it comes to automating a lot of the work involved in generating new SEO content, however, you shouldn’t knock what AI can bring to the table.